Are you looking for a property to rent in the Principality? Our agency will be able to assist you efficiently in order to quickly find the property best suited to your needs and your budget.

As a real estate professional, we will offer you a wide selection of properties that meet your search criteria.

For greater efficiency, and knowing that we collaborate daily between agencies, there is no need to consult too many intermediaries. By contacting our agency, you will have access to the entire market, and we will centralise the research and the organisation of visits for you.

Once you have made your choice, the rental process continues in several stages:


1st stage: Define your search criteria

Your budget is the first consideration when you start your research. For all rentals, the landlord will ask you or your guarantor for a fixed income equivalent to three times the rent.

Then determine the size and type of property (e.g., number of bedrooms needed) and the area. Also list your more personal preferences (brightness, proximity to work, schools, amenities, access to public transport) or any mandatory characteristics (no lift, noise, distance).


2nd stage: Preparing your rental file

To ensure your solvency, our agency will ask you for a complete file which will include supporting documents set by the decree of 5 November 2015.

Whether you wish to rent a property, or be a joint guarantor, the documents below will be requested for any application.


Tenant or employee guarantor file 

  • Valid Identity card
  • 3 last payslips and copy of employment contract or employer's certificate
  • Last tax assessment
  • 3 last rent receipt or property tax or a certificate of accomodation


Tenant or managing guarantor file (minimum 24 months of seniority)

  • Valid Identity card
  • Last 2 balance sheets or income statements
  • K-BIS extract less than 3 months old or RCS registration
  • 3 last rent receipt or property tax


Tenant or retired guarantor file 

  • Valid Identity card
  • Pension documents
  • Last tax assessment
  • 3 last rent receipt or property tax



3rd Stage: Looking for a new property

Most clients start their search on the Internet. You will have to be cautious with overly tempting ads or list sellers, but also patient with apartments that have already been re-rented, for example. Our agency will prepare a selection of currently available properties for you, whose information will have been checked beforehand.

Once you have selected the properties you are interested in, we will organise visits so that you can get an idea by yourself and we can check various elements together on site.


4th Signing the rental contract or “lease”

Once you have found the ideal property, we will submit your file to the landlord for approval. If the latter is accepted, we will then draft your rental contract and complete your file.

This rental contract will be accompanied by mandatory documents: the General Rental Conditions, the Recoverable Expenses and Maintenance and Rental Repairs decrees, a price list, the diagnostics and the state of natural, mining and technological risks.


5th stage: Inventory of fixtures

Your inventory of fixtures is the final important step. This is the time to take a close look at your new home with the landlord or the agency or with the help of a bailiff. This will serve as a comparison for your future departure and the keys will be given to you at the end. Do not forget to take out comprehensive home insurance.


6th stage:  Follow-up of the rental relationship

Our agency remains your sole representative throughout the duration of your lease and can get you in touch with contractors or service providers to ease your daily life or respond to issues related to the leased property.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any rental request!

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