You want to valuate your property before deciding to advertise it on the market for sale, or to make a statement of value of your real estate assets, our dynamic and reactive team remains at your disposal.

A member of our team will visit your property within 48 hours and collect a whole set of elements that will help him/her in his/her analysis.

In order to minimize any notion of subjectivity, our team will rely on several proven evaluation methods such as :

The comparison or market study: this consists in assigning to the different types of surface area a price per m² obtained by comparing it with information of transactions completed on the same real estate market, relating to identical or at least comparable properties. To this end, we will base our value opinion on figures from official sources

  • such as, Notaries
  • the government website
  • the National Federation of Real Estate

On the other hand, a selection of properties still being marketed will be taken as an example in order to cross-check as much information as possible.

The capitalization of expected income: this consists of taking as a basis either an existing income or a theoretical or potential income (rent versus market rental value), then to capitalize it using a financial rate observed on the investment market.

The discounted cash flow method (DCF): aims to approximate the amount that an investor would be willing to commit, at time "T", in anticipation of cash flows in future years. It is based on the analysis that an asset is "worth what it brings" (return on investment). The amount determined by this method corresponds to the price that the purchaser agrees to pay for this investment, insofar as this investment enables it to cover the cost of capital (debt and equity) incurred.

The Hedonic method or the method of comparable values: this method enables the value of a property to be determined on the basis of a large volume of statistical data relating to the latest similar transactions recorded.
In the context of this estimation, many criteria are considered to determine a precise value, including the location of the property, i.e. the view, the neighbourhood, the su n exposure, the environment, the demand, ... but also precise information on the property such as the living area, interiors' standing, the architecture, the date of construction, the number of rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, the surface area of the land ...
Thanks to automated mathematical algorithms, and depending on the criteria defining the property to be valued, we obtain an objective average price reflecting the current market value. This method has the benefit of being fast and proven, especially when a lot of data is available.

The price of our is on request. Do not hesitate to contact us, it is without commitment.

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